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Nipissing University, North Bay, ON has selected Fluke Networks’ AirMagnet Enterprise to help manage and optimize wireless network performance and security, and ensure smart device connectivity and usage across its three primary campuses.

With more than 530 access points (APs), thousands of network and mobile devices, and more than 6,000 users, Nipissing University’s IT staff needed a dedicated performance and security monitoring system to meet its requirements.

"Ensuring the performance, along with the security, of our wireless networks can be challenging especially with the increase in smart devices and bandwidth consumption," said Greg Seamen, manager of infrastructure support at Nipissing University. "Not only do we have to meet student and staff expectations, but we also need to proactively ensure we’re meeting certain compliance standards and protecting our users from vulnerabilities and threats. AirMagnet Enterprise gives us the insight we need and the ability to monitor 24x7 so we can deliver a network that matches the level of excellence offered by our university."

The university’s IT department worked hard to keep pace with the flood of new smart devices in the classroom and other new wireless technology in student housing, resulting in a reactionary approach to troubleshooting. The team faced challenges around unpredictable AP traffic, rogue devices, interference, competing channel usage, the threat of malicious attacks, and even PCI compliance.

"The use of wireless on our campus has moved at a staggering pace. Our team was constantly in a reactionary mode fixing problems submitted by students and staff, and we needed the right tools and systems to get to a proactive state of readiness," Seamen said. "In order to meet the needs of the university, we needed a solution that gave us complete insight so we could manage usage and connectivity, find rogues, identify interference, proactively plan network expansion, and secure the network. AirMagnet Enterprise is that solution."



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