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Coming Up in CPE&CN
February 2016

Canadian Process Equipment & Control News’ February 2016 issue will focus on Instrumentation, providing a cross sample of what’s new and improved in the marketplace.

April 2016

The Environment will be the focus of the April 2016 issue, highlighting new products and stories on “eco-friendly” technologies for process industries.

June 2016

In June 2016, our focus will be on Plant Maintenance & Safety, showing some of the products and services that help keep plants running smoothly and safely.

August 2016

Plant Automation will be the focus of the August 2016 issue. We’ll examine the new technologies that are helping to improve plant throughput and productivity, while increasing efficiency, minimizing waste and providing better product consistency.

October 2016

October 2013 brings our focus on Fluids Handling. We’ll highlight some of the technologies that companies are using to help solve their fluid handling problems.

December 2016

Process Software & Hardware will be the thrust of our December 2016 issue. We’ll take a look at some of the new products and technologies that are being used to help keep businesses competitive.


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